How To Crack A Three-Digit Combination Master Lock

If you use  a master combination  lock to secure belongings in your office or residence, you may find yourself without the combination. Master lock combinations are three-number codes with 40 numbers from 0-39, so that there are 64,000 (40 times 40 times 40) possible combinations.

This makes it sound impossible to unlock it, unless you cut the lock. However, it is still possible to reduce the possible sequences and crack the code by following these tips.

Determine the First  Number

Before you begin to crack the lock, look for the serial number on the back. Some 800 and 980 models may not respond to these methods. Have pencil and paper ready..

Rotate the dial three times past zero to the right to clear the lock. Finding numbers involves pulling on the shackle, or U-shaped part. Don't exert too much pressure on this piece. 

Gradually ease pressure as it spins. If you don't get any sticking points, you aren't applying enough pressure. Getting too many stinking points indicates you are applying too much pressure.

Raise the shackle, and hold it in place. Turn the dial to the left until you hear a click, which will be between two numbers. Rotate the dial slightly clockwise, and then back left again. This is the " sticking range". 

The "sticking point" is the number between the two numbers of the "sticking range". For example, if the range is four and six, the point is five. Add five to the sticking point, and write it down to get the first number. If the dial stops halfway, round up to the next whole number.

Find the Second Number and Remaining Points

To relieve shackle pressure, rotate the dial slightly passed the first number, then rotate the dial slightly to the right one number higher passed the range. For example, if the range is between four and five, rotate the dial to six.

Keeping pressure on the shackle, rotate the dial all the way around to the left until it stops to get the second number range. Write down this number. Find the sticking point in the same manner as you did the first number.

Now, you only need to find ten more points for the third number using the same process. Eliminate fractions. All but one number will end with the same digit, which should be the winner. 

If you don't get an odd number, test each possible lock combination by hand, but this takes longer. Set the first two numbers as if you are unlocking it. Rotate the dial, and tug. It isn't necessary to reset after each try.

Only crack your own combination locks with these methods. If you don't trust your skill, or you still can't open the lock, contact a locksmith, like Scottsdale Locksmithing.