Changing A Lock Versus Rekeying A Lock

Changing a lock and rekeying a lock are two ways to upgrade the security of a business. A locksmith conducts different steps when performing each service.  

Changing A Lock

If an original lock system is old or working improperly, a business owner may decide to upgrade the lock. A locksmith can change a single lock or multiple locks within a business.

Changing a lock within a business requires the removal of all of the existing hardware that is part of a locking system. Once this step is complete, a new lock can be installed. Some modern lock systems require programming. The complexity of changing a lock could affect the cost that a locksmith charges to perform this type of service.

The cost of changing a lock is typically more expensive than rekeying a lock. This is due to the cost of a lock and the cost that a commercial locksmith charges to install the new hardware.

Rekeying A Lock

If a former employee has access to an original key, a business owner may decide to have a lock rekeyed. Rekeying a lock ensures that the individual who has a key in their possession will not be able to use the key to access the premises. A standard lock system that requires the use of a key can have modifications made to it.

Rekeying a lock involves resetting the pins within a lock. A locksmith will first need to inspect the original key or a copy of the original key. Upon completing the inspection, the locksmith will use tools to open up the lock. The pins within the lock will be adjusted.

The locksmith will cut a key that will match the new pin formation that is inside the lock. A commercial locksmith will use hand tools to perform the upgrades to the lock. They will use key-cutting equipment to prepare a new key that will work with the modified lock. A business owner can request to have multiple copies of the new key made.

Rekeying a lock typically costs much less than the cost of installing a new lock. A locksmith may charge a labor rate that is reflective of the amount of time that it takes them to make modifications to the existing lock.

Now that you know the difference between changing a lock and rekeying a lock, you can make an educated decision concerning which service to pursue through a commercial locksmith.

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