Three Places To Advertise If You're An Automotive Locksmith

Much of your success when you work as an automotive locksmith depends on how you advertise. Unlike other self-employed individuals who satisfy their clients, repeat clientele is rare. Sure, some clients may hire you from time to time for different jobs, but the average person locks himself or herself out of a vehicle only on occasion. As such, you need to be smart about how you advertise so that whenever a motorist has a need for your services, your number will be the one that he or she calls. [Read More]

4 Ways To Beef Up Security At Your Place Of Business

At your place of business, security and safety should always be top priorities. Specifically, controlling who has access to your commercial building and when is a great way to protect your inventory and bottom line. Looking to increase security at your place of business? There are a few ways a commercial locksmith may be able to help you make it happen! Re-Key Your Locks Often If you use traditional locks at your business, make sure to have then re-keyed every so often (this is especially important if lots of people have access to key duplicates). [Read More]