Where Are The Car Keys? 3 Steps To Take If You've Lost Your Keys

If your family fun day ended in you losing the car keys, and you can't find them anywhere, you're probably trying to figure out what to do next. The one thing you shouldn't do is panic. Panicking will only make it difficult for you to think clearly. Once you've calmed down, here are three steps you should take if you've lost your car keys.

Call the Locksmith

If you've lost your keys, calling for road side assistance isn't going to help, unless you want them to tow your car home. Unfortunately, that's not going to be an option if you're far away from home. If you can't find your keys, you'll need to call an automotive locksmith. An automotive locksmith will be able to create a replacement key for your car so that you can get back on the road. Be sure to let the locksmith know that you've lost your keys. That way they'll be prepared to rekey your car once they arrive on the scene.

Stay Safe

While you're waiting for the locksmith, you need to make sure you stay safe. This can be difficult if it's late at night, or you're in a dangerous area. Once you've contacted the locksmith, you should locate a safe place to sit and wait for them. This could be a nearby restaurant, or gas station. If there isn't anything nearby, and you fear for your safety, you should call 9-11. This is particularly true if someone is attempting to approach you, or your alone in a dangerous environment.

Carry a Spare with You

Once the locksmith has arrived, and rekeyed your car, you need to ensure that you take steps to prevent a repeat. The best way to do that is to get an emergency key that you can carry with you at all times. There are a couple ways you can do that. First, you can ask your locksmith to create two keys for you. Second, you can contact your dealership and have them provide you with a replacement key for your car. Keep the replacement key inside your wallet. That way, should you lose your keys again, you'll have a way to get inside your car, and drive home.

If you've lost your keys, don't panic. Use the tips provided here to get you back in your car, and prevent a repeat. Talk to a locksmith like Vista Lock & Safe Co about ways to prevent key loss.