Questions About Rekeying Vs. Replacing Home Locks

One of the first tasks you need to do when purchasing a new home is to have the locks either replaced or rekeyed. The following can help you decide which option is best for you.  

Do Your Locks Match?

It can be much less of a hassle and your keyring will be much smaller if you only need one master key to unlock any of the exterior doors on your home or even garage. As long as all the locks installed on the home match, it's possible to have them rekeyed to use the same master key. Otherwise, you will need to replace the locks or at least those that can't be keyed to match. This way, you can use one key for the entire home.

What Is the Quality of the Locks?

Old, outdated locks or those that aren't high quality can be a security issue since they may be easier for a would-be thief to bypass. Locks can also wear out over time, so rekeying may not be the right choice if the locks are sticking or otherwise showing signs of damage. Trying to rekey poorly made or badly functioning locks can be a waste of effort since you will likely need to replace them, anyway. Further, poor quality locks can put your home and family at risk if an intruder breaks through.

Are There Any Upgrades Desired?

Home security options are improving every year, as are home locks. You can now upgrade to smart locks, which provide you with abilities like keyless entry, remote access, and even doorbell camera monitoring. If you want to update to a smart lock system, you will need to replace rather than rekey your existing locks so that you can take advantage of the new technology. 

Is Your Budget a Concern?

New locks can cost quite a bit, depending on the type, quality, and design you choose. If your budget is tight, it may make more sense to have the locks rekeyed rather than replaced. You can always completely replace the locks later when you have more room in the budget for home improvements. Rekeying costs a fraction of the price of new keys since you are only paying for labor and not for parts. Plus, the labor for rekeying is typically less since it takes less time to rekey compared to replacing.

Contact a locksmith service in your area to learn more.