4 Signs It's Time For Automatic Commercial Door Repair

Automatic glass sliding doors offer the perfect storefront appeal and added advertising benefits for your merchandise. The sleek look and sturdy build attract walk-in customers all day long. But your sliding doors aren't immune to faults triggered by the elements or impact. When they present problems, you must call a reputable commercial door repair service.

After several years of use, your automatic sliding doors may wear and tear. You don't want these doors to shut on customers accessing your business. If you notice the slightest signs of problems, you know it's time to summon the repair technician. 

Here are signs you need commercial door repairs for your automatic sliding doors.

Delays In Opening And Closing

Automatic sliding doors facilitate quick access into your office or store. They employ a sensor mechanism that opens quickly when customers approach. If your customers have to wait several minutes for the door to open, it signals sensor or electrical problems. 

You want customers to enter your building in a hassle-free manner. As such, you must call commercial door repair professionals to diagnose possible issues. Often, dirt and condensation affect the sensor response time, and door technicians clean and repair sensors to enhance timely sliding door function.

Abnormal Movements

During operation, your sliding door will vibrate, and it's normal. However, if your door wobbles and shakes abnormally, it indicates a mechanical problem. If it creaks and yanks out of its track, a professional commercial door repair pro can check and repair lubrication, misaligned tracks, or roller issues. The technician troubleshoots and calibrates sensors for a smooth closing and opening action.

Stuck Panels

A commercial sliding door whose panels get stuck when opening or closing requires repairs. Over time, your door withstands impact that gradually bends the panels. This makes it difficult to open smoothly. If you realize the tracks are damaged and curved, a commercial door repair service can realign panels to eliminate jamming. You must engage a technician who provides additional guidance to prevent panel and track damage if your office is a high foot traffic zone.

Visible Damage

If you've installed automatic glass sliding doors, harsh elements or traffic accidents can leave behind visible cracks and dents. These doors give potential customers an impression of your business. Nobody wants to associate with a facility that relies on defaced or dented storefront doors. If you notice visible damage, you must call experienced door installers quickly. They can recommend partial panel repairs or a replacement to prevent door failure. For more information, contact a company like Redmond's Aviation Lock & Key.