Did You Know Your Locksmith Can Do These Things?

When you think "locksmith," you probably think of someone who can install a new lock on a door, re-key your external doors, or fix a broken door lock. That's what everyone thinks. But, there are some lesser-known services that locksmiths can provide. Do you know what they are?

Other Lockable House Fixtures

Your doors are all working. Great! But what about your windows? Locksmiths can install locks on your windows for that added security to prevent both entry and exit, such as a child just deciding to open a window. And, not just actual locks, but child locks or window blocks that keep windows from opening unless you want them to open.

What about the windows themselves? Sure, you have locks on them to keep them from opening, but someone can just break the glass and enter. That is what security screens are for, yet another product a locksmith can install!

And then there are items that you bring into the house that also have locks. These include desks, cabinets, safes, and other personal lockable items. When you lose the key, break it off in the lock, or forget the combination, you can call a locksmith to help you open and rekey your items.

Lockable Items Outside the House

A locksmith can also help with other things that have keys that you may own and are not a household feature. Great examples include:

  • Automobiles that take keys when there is no "chip" in the key itself
  • Boats, jet skis, or equivalent water vehicles
  • Sheds or external structures
  • Bicycle locks

Other Locksmith Services

A locksmith doesn't just do locks. Think of a locksmith as a security consultant, as well. This means that locksmiths often offer services that will provide end-to-end security for your home or property. These other locksmith services can include:

  • Video surveillance camera and system installation
  • Intercom systems
  • Smart lock installation and setup
  • Building access control and security systems

The important thing to remember is that if you have something with a lock on it and have issues with that lock, then a locksmith is a good person to call. Almost everyone has tried the bobby pin trick on the cabinet or desk, or attempted to shimmy through a doggy door after having accidentally locked one's self out of the house. Don't repeat those and many other mistakes when you can have a professional come out and let you back in or allow you to regain access to a safe, shed, or motor vehicle!