Making Your Locking System Smooth As Butter

Home and vehicle locks form a valuable part of your personal security. But at the same time, having to spend a lot of time fiddling with locks can be a frustrating experience, or at least an inconvenience. There are certain ways to structure your locking systems so that you encounter the least resistance possible, without compromising your security.

Go Digital

First of all, wherever you can, go digital. One of the biggest problems that consumers face in dealing with locks is having to remember various sets of keys or explain to guests how to jump through the hoops of a series of different types of locks and combinations. When you have electronic locks, you can program everything to the same combination for a seamless experience.

Many different locks can be used digitally. Home entryways are the first stop. But you can also program garage door locks to use a combination instead of a clicker. You can use padlock systems that have a key code instead of a key. And if you have home safes, these can also have buttons instead of a dial lock.

If you have guests frequently, this type of system is also invaluable. You may have one set of passwords one week and then another password the next week. You can have as many guests fly through as you want without a greater risk to your long term security in your home.

That doesn't mean that you have to have every single lock in your home with the same key code. That kind of defeats the purpose of having various layers of security. But you can choose similar patterns that are easy for you to remember. And hopefully, you have good locksmith services that are available to help you crack the code if you forget one of your passwords.

Have Backups

At the same time, part of convenience is having options to fall back on. What happens if you forget a password? Sometimes you can reset it on the spot, using your smart phone that's linked to the locking system. But sometimes, it is also a good idea to have a manual key that you can use to unlock your home entryways. That will also be a good idea if there is a power short in one of the locks. With your locksmith's help, you can create a system that is both convenient and pretty much fail-proof.

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