Locksmith Tips For A Restaurant Or Coffee Shop

Restaurants and coffee shops need to maintain the soundness of their doors and locks. Failure to do so means jeopardizing the safety of the customers, staff, and properties inside. Here are some important tips for restaurant or coffee shop owners and managers.

Change the Keys

Surely commercial doors and locks are significant investments for restaurant and coffee shop owners. However, there are important, but not so obvious, reasons for changing door keys. Some commercial locksmiths advise changing keys in case of ownership and managerial changes. Imposing disciplinary action against a problem employee also calls for a security update and key replacement. The new owner must change the lock of the main door and re-key other existing locks. Your commercial locksmith can help you in rekeying the main door without the costly door or lock replacement.

Auto-Lock Solutions

Commercial doors and locks today have become more sophisticated than ever. Restaurants and coffee shops tend to have push-buttons and electronics attached to the main door. Hence, auto-lock is no longer limited to cars and vehicles as commercial facilities have also become prone to unintentional auto-lock. There is no need to destroy doors and/or windows during auto-locks or to attempt self-help fixes. Emergency lockout services often have 24-hour services and can get to your facilities within 35 to 45 minutes. Their training will help you solve auto-lock emergencies without destroying your restaurant's or coffee shop's store.

Door Repair

Many commercial locksmiths also advise restaurant and coffee shops owners not to disregard broken hinges, doors slamming shut, or other small problems with the doors. These small and often neglected problems undermine the integrity of doors as the frontline security of the restaurant or coffee shop. Most commercial locksmiths today also offer door repair and replacement for any types of doors.

Panic or Crash Bars

It's recommended that you install panic or crash bars in your restaurants and coffee shops. Panic bars allow an easy and fast way to go outside the facility during an emergency because it keeps the door opened outward. To properly install and enjoy the full benefits of having panic bars in your facility, ask a local commercial locksmith--like Bilco Safe & Lock, Inc.--for help.

Restaurants and coffee shops are often the go-to facilities for quality time with family and friends. Avoid welcoming guests with squeaky doors and have your local commercial locksmith repair them immediately. An employee got fired? Rekey your locks. Follow these tips and be worry-free.