3 Things You Do With Your Car Keys That Are A Bad Idea

Your car keys are a necessity when you own an automobile, and if you are like most people, they can be found faithfully dangling from your hand, in your purse, or in your pocket at about all times. Car keys are just part of life, so they don't even get talked about a whole lot. Yet, there are actually some pretty big mistakes you can make with your car keys just doing things you normally do. Check out this short list of things you probably do with your car keys that are really not good ideas. 

You load the keys down with heavy keychains. 

Your car keys are something you have on you even when you leave behind things like your purse, coat, or favorite pair of sunglasses. They are kind of like a personal accessory, so sprucing up the basic key ring with a few shiny keychains is just natural. However, there is a point where you can have too many keychains on your keyring. Heavy keychains put pressure on the ignition where the key is placed when it is in the slot. Over time, this can actually cause problems with the ignition. 

You keep a spare car key inside of your car. 

Did you know that every 43 seconds a car is stolen in the US? There is one thing car thieves are looking for more than anything: a convenient prize. If you already have a key in your vehicle, all a thief has to do is get in and they are all set. If you must have a spare key for your car, keep it in an alternative place. For example, you could keep a spare key in your wallet or purse, or even leave one at the office just in case you lose your primary. 

You give your car keys to your toddler to keep them entertained in a pinch. 

Your keys are shiny and they make noise when they're wiggled, so of course, most small children will be attracted to them. If you are out with your child, whether it's at the grocery store or doctor's office, your keys may naturally become a makeshift pacifying toy temporarily. This is a really bad idea because some keys contain metallic elements that are not safe for children, such as lead. If the keys themselves do not contain these harmful metallic elements, your keychains and key rings might. 

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