4 Ways To Beef Up Security At Your Place Of Business

At your place of business, security and safety should always be top priorities. Specifically, controlling who has access to your commercial building and when is a great way to protect your inventory and bottom line. Looking to increase security at your place of business? There are a few ways a commercial locksmith may be able to help you make it happen!

Re-Key Your Locks Often

If you use traditional locks at your business, make sure to have then re-keyed every so often (this is especially important if lots of people have access to key duplicates). Having your locks re-keyed often will ensure that only the people you have designated as key-holders will have access to your building. It's always a good idea, for example, to have your locks re-keyed after a key-holding employee has quit or been terminated from the company.

Prevent Key Duplication

Another important security measure to consider when it comes to your commercial locks is making sure that your locksmith creates keys for you that are unable to be duplicated. These keys should be specifically printed with the phrase "do not duplicate" to ensure that unauthorized copies of said key cannot be made by employees or anybody else. This is an easy thing for a commercial locksmith to do for you and it can make all the difference in your security and peace of mind.

Consider Keyless Access

Doing away with keys altogether can be a great way to improve security at your place of business. Specifically, switching over to keyless access and requiring people entering your building to enter a specific code can help to monitor who's coming in and when while also avoiding accidental lockout situations. Biometric access can take your security one step further by requiring an access card or other credentials to access your building.

Install Durable Commercial Doors

A lot of business owners don't realize that most commercial locksmiths also install doors, so now would be a good time to evaluate the strength and durability of your building's current doors and consider an upgrade as needed. After all, even the best access system is rendered useless without a quality commercial door.

These are just a few ways to consider adding more security at your place of business, and an experienced commercial locksmith can help you with any or all of them. From there, you can enjoy added peace of mind as a business owner.