Three Places To Advertise If You're An Automotive Locksmith

Much of your success when you work as an automotive locksmith depends on how you advertise. Unlike other self-employed individuals who satisfy their clients, repeat clientele is rare. Sure, some clients may hire you from time to time for different jobs, but the average person locks himself or herself out of a vehicle only on occasion. As such, you need to be smart about how you advertise so that whenever a motorist has a need for your services, your number will be the one that he or she calls. Here are three advertising locations for automotive locksmiths.

Around Large Parking Lots

Whenever there's a large group of parked vehicles, there's a chance that someone will get locked out or need a boost. Think of the largest parking lots in your area — perhaps there's a large lot outside an enormous mall complex, for example. You'll generally find billboards around such areas, so find out the advertising company that rents out these billboards and get a sign made up. This location can be hugely beneficial for you and pay for itself before long. Ideally, someone who is locked out of his or her vehicle will look up, see your sign, and call you.

At Automotive Businesses

Many automotive businesses in your community allow related companies and tradespersons to advertise on designated boards in the lobby. Given that most of the people coming through the doors of such businesses are into cars, you can capture the eye of prospective customers by advertising your services in such a location. Make sure to list all of the locksmith services that you provide. Many automotive locksmiths do more than lockouts, so if you do jobs such as replace the ignition on classic cars, for example, a classic car owner visiting the shop for a specific part may see your sign and call you.

Where People Sit For Long Periods

Businesses often favor advertising in areas that prospective customers are seated for long periods of time. A common example of such a location is a local sporting venue. For example, if there's a minor league baseball team in your city, you can count on fans sitting for two to three hours to watch a game. If you have your name and business information on a sign in the outfield, perhaps hundreds or more fans will read the sign at some point during the game. This can put your name in their minds, which can come in handy when it's time to hire a locksmith.