3 Kinds Of Keyless Entry Methods

Looking to make your locks a bit smarter, or avoiding the need to give out a physical key? If so, you may want to have a keyless entry system installed on your home or business. There are many kind of systems you can used, which is why it helps to know more about each one to make an informed decision about what you end up selecting.


Keypads are a common keyless entry system that has many advantages. Many people love it because you can assign codes to different people, and revoke them when necessary. If you run a business, this means each employee can have their own code, and you do not need to assign new codes when employees leave your company. For a home, you can give codes to dog walkers or guests and not worry about them duplicating a physical key. It is also common for keyless systems to have a log of when codes are entered, so you can see exactly who is using the code and at what time based on the number they are assigned.

Smart Locks

Are you looking for your locks to be connected to the internet? If so, know that there are smart locks available that give you several distinct advantages. A Bluetooth lock will connect to your phone either through Bluetooth or WiFi, and allow you to lock or unlock the door by using an installed app. You can use the same app to assign people access to your home, and take access away when needed.

Smart locks can even give you push notifications when people use the lock. You can use this to tell if an employee opened your shop in time, or if your child came home safely from school. Smart locks can also connect to many digital assistants, allowing you to lock the doors at night with something as simple as a voice command.

Biometric Locks

The great thing about using a biometric lock is that it uses a fingerprint rather than a phone or a code. This means that you can ensure that the people using the lock are the people you authorized and not somebody that received a code from somebody else. However, the technology for a biometric lock is still quite expensive, and may not be a practical choice for a home or business based on your budget.

For assistance installing any of these types of keyless entry systems, reach out to a local area residential or commercial locksmith.