Lose Your Safe Combination? Help Is Here

Combination safes are a great way to store valuables in your home. If you lose the combination to the safe, however, then you have a big problem. Losing the combination to a home safe is extremely frustrating if you do not know how to solve this issue. Fortunately, there are a number things you can do to resolve this situation successfully. This article takes a look at some of the best ways to recover access to your home safe after you have lost the combination.

Paper Or Computer

In many instances, people who own home safes write down the combination on a piece of paper or store it on their computer. Of course, since everyone has so many passwords and other things written down or stored on their desktops or phones, it's quite possible to forget that you saved the combination. Check your online files as well as any paper notebooks where you typically save this type of information. If you're lucky, the combination to your safe will be found in one of these places.

Override Key

Many home safes today have a feature known as an override key. This feature allows you to use a mechanical key to open your safe in the event that you have forgotten the combination and are unable to recover it. If your model comes with such a key, then you can simply enter it into the slot. Once the safe has accepted the key, you can open your safe.

Change Key

Another possibility is to gain access to your safe by using a change key, which allows you to change the combination of the safe. This particular feature is somewhat rare on home safes, but if your model has it, then you can simply put the change key into a designated slot on the back of the safe and then change the combination. Once you have the new combination in place, you can easily gain access to the safe's contents.


If you have registered your safe with the manufacturer or distributor, then you can call them directly and ask for assistance. They may be able to help you gain access to the safe in some instances.

If none of these methods are successful, then you will need to contact a qualified locksmith in your area who has experience with home safes. The locksmith will have a variety of tools that are not available to be average person. An experienced locksmith should have little difficulty opening your safe efficiently and quickly. For more information, contact a local company like Triangle  Safe &  Lock