Installing Security Cameras At Home? 3 Tips On How To Place Them

If you want to install security cameras around your home, you need to think carefully about where you place them. You want to place them somewhere where they will catch anyone who tries to get into your home without your permission. Security cameras can also be used to deter people from breaking into your home as well.

1. Place Near Entrances

First, you want to make sure that you place your cameras where they will catch someone breaking into your home. That means that you want your security cameras to capture anyone coming up to any of the doors to your home.

Keep in mind, however, that doors are not the only way that people get into your home. Windows, especially windows with screens, can be broken into as well. You want your security cameras to cover all the entry points of your home.

2. Catch Activity in Your Driveway

Second, it is also a good idea to place security cameras so that they can catch activity near your driveway as well. That way, if someone pulls into your driveway or keeps driving past your driveway and scoping your place out, you can get it on camera. It is about not just seeing who is entering your home, but how someone got to your home as well.

3. Don't Try to Multitask

Third, make sure that you are not trying to make your cameras multitask. If you want to catch the activity at your front door and see what is happening in your driveway, use two different cameras for that purchase. Security cameras are not like a camera that you are holding in your hand, able to move to capture exactly what you want. Security cameras are usually set up to be stationary, and can't be moved after the fact to capture more detail. You need to set your cameras up to capture the detail you need to capture in the first place.

That also means that you need to use different cameras for a wide view and for close up details. If you place a camera really high so that you can get a wide view of your property, keep in mind that the image is not going to be that clear. That is why you also need cameras set up in places where they will get a closer view, like your front door or your driveway.

When placing security cameras around the outside of your home, make sure that you place them near entrances and watching over your driveway. Don't try to multitask with your cameras; set your cameras up to give you specific information, even if that means having two cameras that look really close to each other but are both serving a different purpose.

Your local locksmith service can help you determine where to place your cameras to get the coverage you are looking for. Locksmiths don't just set up locks; most also install home security systems as well.