Changing A Lock Versus Rekeying A Lock

Changing a lock and rekeying a lock are two ways to upgrade the security of a business. A locksmith conducts different steps when performing each service.   Changing A Lock If an original lock system is old or working improperly, a business owner may decide to upgrade the lock. A locksmith can change a single lock or multiple locks within a business. Changing a lock within a business requires the removal of all of the existing hardware that is part of a locking system. [Read More]

3 Ways Investing In Smart Locks Can Help Your New Business Save Money

The economy is tough. Every business owner needs to find ways to reduce costs to stay afloat. If you have just opened a new business keeping it secure and competitive and dealing with other overhead costs can be taxing. When starting, any profit you make goes back to boost the business to ensure it is steady. Want to keep your business secure and save money? If yes, installing smart locks is the way to go. [Read More]

4 Services That Professional Locksmiths Provide

Locksmith is one of the oldest professions, believed to have started several centuries ago. Yet, it is quite useful even in the modern world. Most people only consider seeking locksmith services when locked out of their vehicles, houses, or offices. This profession is mainly associated with cutting keys and unlocking doors. But these experts can offer various services. Read on to learn some of the common locksmith services you might need. [Read More]

Did You Know Your Locksmith Can Do These Things?

When you think "locksmith," you probably think of someone who can install a new lock on a door, re-key your external doors, or fix a broken door lock. That's what everyone thinks. But, there are some lesser-known services that locksmiths can provide. Do you know what they are? Other Lockable House Fixtures Your doors are all working. Great! But what about your windows? Locksmiths can install locks on your windows for that added security to prevent both entry and exit, such as a child just deciding to open a window. [Read More]