Making Your Locking System Smooth As Butter

Home and vehicle locks form a valuable part of your personal security. But at the same time, having to spend a lot of time fiddling with locks can be a frustrating experience, or at least an inconvenience. There are certain ways to structure your locking systems so that you encounter the least resistance possible, without compromising your security. Go Digital First of all, wherever you can, go digital. One of the biggest problems that consumers face in dealing with locks is having to remember various sets of keys or explain to guests how to jump through the hoops of a series of different types of locks and combinations. [Read More]

4 Things To Consider When Changing Your Home's Locks

Changing your home's locks may be something you want to consider if you have recently moved into the home or if you know someone has a copy of the keys to your home whom you no longer trust. This is the best way to make your home that much more secure. When it comes to changing the locks, here are four things you want to consider: Hire a Locksmith: While you can change the locks yourself, it's much better to hire a locksmith for the job. [Read More]

How To Crack A Three-Digit Combination Master Lock

If you use  a master combination  lock to secure belongings in your office or residence, you may find yourself without the combination. Master lock combinations are three-number codes with 40 numbers from 0-39, so that there are 64,000 (40 times 40 times 40) possible combinations. This makes it sound impossible to unlock it, unless you cut the lock. However, it is still possible to reduce the possible sequences and crack the code by following these tips. [Read More]